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Blackboard Engage: Student Predictive Analytics

Blackboard Engage (formerly Blackboard Predict) is a student success solution that can be rapidly deployed that leverages data and advanced analytics to identify students at risk, making early intervention possible, personal and scalable. Increase retention and graduation through focussed advisement on the basis of early alerts.

Intervene Early & Keep Students on Track for Graduation

With large class sizes, growing advisor to student ratios, and siloed data, identifying students in need of help before it’s too late can be a difficult challenge. Instructors and advisors need user-friendly tools distributing actionable insights into their existing systems so they can focus on helping students overcome barriers to achievement. And with Blackboard Data, you will in future be able to directly access and export the predictions for further analysis. 

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Identify At-Risk Students

Our predictive model uses extensive data from both your SIS and LMS to assess student risk in a way that is tailored for your institution. Simple, easy-to-interpret visualisations and alerts help instructors and advisors understand which students are at risk. 

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Drive Timely Interventions

Relevant insights with embedded communication tools enable instructors and advisors to quickly reach out with tailored interventions based on each student’s unique circumstances. 

Predict Student Report

Enhance the Student Experience

Student-facing dashboards surface academic progress information to students, providing them with relevant feedback designed to help them stay on track and motivated. 

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Accelerate User Adoption

Our light-weight and rapidly deployed solution integrates directly into your LMS instance and existing advisor workflows. Fast adoption means staff can focus on taking action, not learning a new login. 

A faculty member or an advisor doesn't have to focus necessarily on the whole class but now has predictive data that allows them to zero in on a population of students within that course that may be in trouble.

Paul O’Brien
Vice President for Institutional Technology/ Chief Information Officer
Indian River State College
Paul OBrien

Once you have that information what do you do with it? What you need is a cohesive and coordinated strategy to use the information to help the students.”

Robert E. Carpenter
Associate Provost for Analytics & Institutional Assessment
University of Maryland Baltimore County
Robert Carpenter

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