Engaging Your Community

Foster engaged communities, deliver personalized communication and empower families with relevant insights.

Websites & Branding

Keeping parents and community members involved in the educational process is the key to student success. An integrated communications solution allows you to connect with them through the devices, platforms and channels they're using everyday.

Blackboard Web Community Manager

Create a stunning and responsive online presence to engage your entire community. Strengthen your web presence by engaging your K-12 community with easy-to-use web tools optimized for mobile. Create a communications hub, build out school-to-home teacher web pages to further family engagement, and give the community access to your websites via mobile devices. Whether you choose a design-ready template or a made-to-order design, your district and school brands will shine.

Blackboard Ally for Web Community Manager

Create a more inclusive web presence within your Blackboard Web Community Manager site.  Gain insight into the accessibility of your content and provide alternative formats to support inclusivity, flexibility and choice.

Blackboard Ally for Web

Create a more inclusive web environment.  Blackboard Ally for Websites helps you gain insight into how accessible your website content is with actionable reporting and alternative formats to provide your users with flexibility and choice.


Create an integrated communications strategy that covers every channel and device your audiences are using. Student achievement is directly influenced by parent involvement and community engagement. Our solution helps you share student-specific information, relevant news and timely updates with families and community members so you can create a positive and supportive learning environment for every student.

Blackboard Reach

Teachers and parents need to communicate to successfully support students. Help them have safe conversations in a district-approved tool that provides safety and privacy for users and messaging oversight for administrators.

Blackboard Mass Notifications for K-12

Create your message once, and let Blackboard Mass Notifications for K-12 publish it across all your communication channels. Broaden your reach and save time while ensuring a consistent message is delivered.

Blackboard has helped Shelby County keep their community and parents informed during emergencies and school/student related updates.

Blackboard Connect for Higher Ed, Government & Business

Blackboard Connect, for higher education, government, and business, provides unmatched speed, capacity, and reliability to help you create a culture of good communication. Your notification system should be the tool that helps you to communicate more effectively, and to optimize your community engagement. To deliver a connected experience across your campus you need a notification system you can rely on. 

Blackboard Mobile Communications App

Reach your community members on their smartphones and tablets with a district branded mobile app. Keep parents, students and your entire community engaged with the latest student academic information, news, alerts and notifications, calendars and many other resources. Plus gather feedback from your community and families through tip-lines and surveys.

Teacher Communication

Parent teacher communications can have a positive impact on students.  Blackboard Teacher Communication helps teachers connect with families where they are, in a safe and consistent way and without adding extra work for busy teachers and parents.

Access to Student Data

Unlock your district's data and help parents become actively involved in their child's daily academic life. Share information from your SIS, grade books, lunch systems and other sources directly to your website, mobile app and notifications.

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