Blackboard Reach

Empower your teachers and families to communicate in an environment that gives you oversight, accountability, and consistency. 

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Teachers are already communicating with families. Help them connect in a safe way across the entire district.

Do you know what is being said in conversations between teachers and families? We know that collaboration between teachers and families empowers huge gains in student success. But without oversight, you're in the dark about what messages are being sent or if the contents are appropriate.  Blackboard Reach helps you enable these connections in a safe way for every family in your community.

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Protect All Users

Shine a light on conversations between teachers and families and help ensure appropriate conversations and information are shared. Easily searchable conversation threads provide context and documentation to keep all users accountable for their messages.  

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Enable Adoption

Ensure fast, broad adoption by setting up classes and relationships using data from your SIS.  Before your teachers and parents ever log into the system they’ll be automatically linked to the correct classes and contacts. No special codes, invites, or links needed.

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Strengthen Your Brand

Leverage the trust you've built with families by hosting conversations in a tool that is branded for your district. You’ll be able to provide a consistent experience across every classroom from Kindergarten through senior year. 

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Ensure Privacy

Stop using publicly shared room codes and personal contact addresses to connect teachers and families.  Authenticated app and web access to personal communication keeps private information safe.

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Meet Parents Where They Are

Make communication easy for parents. Put all their conversations with teachers in one place and send them alerts when they have unread messages. 

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Important Data Insights

Use data insights to understand your audience and improve communication. Coach your teachers on best practices using real conversation examples and identify families who may benefit from extra outreach. 

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