Blackboard Mass Notifications for K-12: A New Way to Manage Traditional Notifications

Confidently engage your community using traditional tools and new channels with the push of a button.

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Create Once, Publish Everywhere

The create once, publish everywhere (COPE) movement is breathing life into outdated and clunky communication practices across K-12 districts. By using Blackboard Mass Notifications you can write a message once, select preferred communication methods and publish across your desired channels—saving time, creating consistency and building capacity.

Personalized Communication for Effective Community Building

Communication is the foundation of effective parent and community engagement. By sending messages to your audiences through the devices and channels they prefer, you'll build a connected and safe environment for learning. Whether you're looking to reach every channel with every message, or want to tailor your distribution for urgent alerts, we have a notification option that will fit your district's needs.

Benefits of Blackboard Mass Notifications

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Use Data to Target Your Messages

Use data from your SIS to automatically update parents with information so you can reach the right contacts with the right information.

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Personalize Your Outreach

Make your messages meaningful to each contact by including their name, student data or information they select as most important to them.

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Manage All Communications

Update your website, social media, phone, email, mobile app and more right from your notification system.

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Gather Important Insight

Use your reports to see who got your messages and identify contact information that needs to be updated.

What always brings us back to Blackboard is the customer service. Blackboard is worth what we pay.

Zac Rantz
Director of Communications
Nixa Public Schools
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