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Keeping parents and community members involved in the educational process is the key to student success. An integrated communications solution allows you to connect with them through the devices, platforms and channels they're using everyday.

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Optimize Your Online Presence with Blackboard

We provide K-12 schools and districts with reliably hosted and low-maintenance content management systems. And we'll partner with you to make sure you get the most out of your investment through great web design templates and support.

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Build Websites That Provide Value to Your K-12 Community

Blackboard Web Community Manager is the online presence your district needs in order to stand out to your community and families. Web Community Manager allows parents to play an active role in their child’s success with a dashboard full of personalized student data and gives community members the chance to engage with the district by checking out news and upcoming events on a modern, mobile-friendly website.

Blackboard's creative team executed our website redesign plan perfectly. We're very pleased with the innovative look.

Morgan Delack
Communications Specialist
Barrington 220 School District
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Website & Branding Products

Blackboard Web Community Manager

Create a stunning and responsive online presence to engage your entire community. Whether you choose a design-ready template or a made-to-order design, your district and school brands will shine.

Blackboard Ally for Web Community Manager

Create a more inclusive web presence within your Blackboard Web Community Manager site.  Gain insight into the accessibility of your content and provide alternative formats to support inclusivity, flexibility and choice.

Blackboard Ally for Websites

Simplify your digital content accessibility strategy. Blackboard Ally for Web helps you improve your digital content accessibility on your website

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