Online Program Experience (OPX) Solutions

Develop, deliver and grow your online programs—on your terms with Blackboard OPX—the unbundled OPM.

Own Your Online Story

Give your institution the freedom and flexibility it needs to develop and deliver quality online programs to optimize the student experience and support enrollment and revenue growth.

Ownership + Transparency

Maintain complete control over incoming tuition revenue and full ownership of course content and creative marketing assets. Get full access to data and analytics at all stages.


Adopt a research-driven program strategy with course content and marketing messaging unique to your brand and compliant with industry-recognized standards for quality and accessibility.


Pay for what you need and nothing more with a flexible fee-for-service model and shorter contract options.

Customization + Expertise

Choose from a wide breadth of best-in-class services and technology solutions to fit your institution’s unique needs.

Take Control Over Your Online Programs

In the last five years, over 1.5 million more postsecondary students in the U.S. chose to enroll in exclusively online programs. Demand for online programs is growing—and projected to continue. While overall higher education enrollment is trending downward, enrollment in online programs increases at a faster pace than ever. But with increased demand comes increased competition. And the evolution of online learning in the market requires a flexible partner you can trust.

Optimize the Student Experience & Increase Your Long-Term Profitability

Blackboard's Online Program Experience (OPX) solutions offer an unbundled alternative to the traditional OPM with a fee-for-service model that positions your institution to provide unique student experiences through flexible, customized programs that increase your speed to revenue and help you maintain that revenue growth in the long term.   

This flexible partnership approach allows you to continue doing what you do best while leaning on the best-in-category solutions of an outsourced partner to provide guidance and support only where you need it. 

With fully tech-agnostic OPX solutions, you get best-in-class support and expertise in multiple areas to ensure you can develop, deliver and grow your online programs—on your terms.

As a partner, Blackboard is very student focused and truly understands that Wichita State’s mission is to help our students succeed. They’re making us happy by making our students happy, and we know that this is a model that will carry forward as we build our online presence.

Mark D. Porcaro, Ph.D.
Executive Director of Online Learning
Wichita State University
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Research & Strategy Drives Enrollment for Online Programs

Wichita State University partnered with Blackboard to develop a comprehensive marketing solution to grow online enrollments and elevate visibility for online programs resulting in a 157% increase in new online students and 9x estimated return on investment.

Get the Support You Need at Every Stage of Your Online Program Journey

The path to building sustained enrollment and revenue growth through online programs can have several phases, and Blackboard OPX solutions provide support at each of those phases. Whether your institution is just starting out or moving into more innovative program design, Blackboard provides the flexibility needed to adjust and react to market demand so your institution is prepared for what’s ahead.

The Evolution of the Online Market Requires a Flexible Partner

How is the institutional experience with Blackboard OPX different from an OPM? See a side-by-side comparison of a typical revenue share model favored by OPM providers and our OPX solutions utilizing a fee-for-service model.

Give your institution the freedom and flexibility to choose the services needed to develop and deliver quality online programs that optimize the student experience and support enrollment and revenue growth.

Bundle Solutions for the Support You Need without Paying for Anything You Don’t.

Unlike traditional OPM companies, we offer unbundled, fee-for-service solutions to help you determine which services to keep in-house and which services need external support. 

Proud to be OPX Partners

While the challenge is universal, your institution is unique. We tailor best practices to meet each institution’s goals and budget.

Witchita State University
Syracuse University College of Law

Learn how a partnership with Blackboard can help you optimize your online efforts and achieve maximum ROI .