Blackboard Chatbot: Chatbot for Higher Education

Leverage the power of A.I. to increase student engagement and enhance user experience without the added burden to your support staff. Blackboard Chatbot provides a better, streamlined end-user experience that’s always available.

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Transform Your Student Engagement and Experience Strategy with the Power of A.I.

Give students, faculty, and staff the information they need, when they need it, in the way that they prefer to communicate with a self-service chatbot.

Provide 24/7 Support

Always available to answer inquiries from students, faculty, and staff, Blackboard Chatbot is an always-on support tool available at any time of the day, including nights and weekends.

Scale Your Support Resources

Relieve your support team of large inquiry volumes as the bot scales and handles numerous inquiries automatically, especially during peak times like the start of a new semester or in emergency situations that cause disruptions to learning.

Improve Effectiveness of Professional Staff

Manage resources more effectively with bot insight reports and better equip your staff to handle complicated issues, while relying on Blackboard Chatbot to understand complex problems and direct the end-user to the appropriate information to solve inquiries quickly.

Enhance Student Engagement Strategies

Increase enrollment and retention by providing students with an easy, personalized, and timely means of communication to find the information they need to continue their path with your institution.

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Nearly three out of four institutions believe A.I. technology like chatbots could be the solution to the student engagement challenge.

A.I. technologies help solve student engagement and support challenges higher education institutions face today. Blackboard Chatbot is ready to help solve these challenges for your campus by:

Answering commonly asked questions
Scaling to meet institutional needs and changes in volume
Being available 24/7, including nights and weekends
Integrating across technology applications
Proactively engaging students
Personalizing conversations to the end user
Providing an experience customized to your institution’s brand

Meet Beebee

Beebee, our higher ed chatbot powered by artificial intelligence, is ready to support your campus any time day or night, resolving basic and repetitive issues your students and staff face most often. Beebee is integrated in Blackboard Learn Ultra, ready to help solve your users’ support needs.

Support Your Entire Campus, Anytime, Anywhere

Provide helpful support to your students, staff, and faculty no matter the time or the issue. See how Blackboard Chatbot helps you support your entire campus.

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Expand Service Capabilities and Increase Engagement with Blackboard Chatbot