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How Chatbot Works

Deliver a best-in-class experience for your students and staff without adding constraints to your own organization. See how Blackboard Chatbot supports your entire campus.

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Blackboard Chatbot is an Extension of Your Support Team

Autonomous Learning

Utilizes supervised machine learning to process data, make predictions and continuously improve the accuracy of responses.

Guided Pathways

Provides a logic tree to narrow down the most appropriate answer to a user’s question.


Distributes insights into bot performance and user interaction.

Seamless Hand-off

Escalates cases to live advisors who are ready to step in at any time and provide a smooth transition from the bot to a human when necessary.

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Automation to Support Your Student Experience

Blackboard Chatbot supports your campus to provide a streamlined user experience that's always available.

Give students more control over their experience
Invest in other areas to support students
Provide 24/7 support for students when they need it
Reduce wait times and increase student satisfaction rates
Free up agents to focus on the most pressing items for students
Scale support resources as demand fluctuates without affecting performance

Lend Your Campus a Helping Hand

Reliable support doesn’t have to be complicated. Learn how to take your campus support to the next level.

Leverage the Power of Learn

Leverage the Power of Blackboard Learn

Get moving and keep things running seamlessly with Blackboard Chatbot integrated into Ultra Base Navigation for Blackboard Learn.


Pre-built Knowledge of Blackboard

Implemented as an alternative path to Blackboard Learn Help, Blackboard Chatbot, known as Beebee, comes with out-of-the-box content and pre-built knowledge of Blackboard Learn while using machine learning to continue to better serve your learners.

Expand Blackboard Chatbot Across Your Campus


Implement and Launch

With quick implementation in less than four weeks, you’re ready to make an immediate impact upon launch. Chatbot can be integrated on any website that supports a small JavaScript code.

Prospect to Alumni

Support Your Entire Campus, From Prospect to Alum

Extend support across your campus so students can easily get answers to support the entire student experience from application questions to financial aid, course registration, or even campus events. The bot can be completely customized to your institution’s unique needs, policies, and brand.

See Blackboard Chatbot in Action

Understand What Powers Your Automated Support

Machine Learning

Machine Learning

Using a process called machine learning, Blackboard Chatbot can access data and use it to learn and make predictions without being explicitly programmed to do so, which means your chatbot is constantly improving the accuracy of its responses.

Conversational AI

Conversational AI

By using a set of technologies that enables your chatbot to understand, process, and respond to text inputs in natural ways, students can get the answers they need as if they were talking to a live person.

Deep Learning Algorithms

Deep Learning Algorithms

Powered by the same technology as Amazon’s Alexa, your bot operates based on a set of rules given to its AI program to help it learn and better support your campus. It has the ability to understand a user’s inquiry, solve the issue, or direct them to the appropriate resource as needed.

Answer Bank

Institutional Answer Bank

Your chatbot utilizes an answer bank to source answers to student questions, such as your website, knowledge base, or student information system.

Continuous Synchronization

Continuous Synchronization

Feel confident your bot is providing the most up-to-date support responses because it continuously crawls your webpages for new and updated information.

Supervised Learning

Supervised Learning

Data curation specialists review all bot interactions to ensure accuracy and effectiveness.

Escalation Options

Escalation Options

Our bot programming has fall back mechanisms in place for when the bot fails to either escalate to a live person or pass through a form. Should the bot get stumped, you can choose to enable services with Blackboard's IT Help Desk Services to provide end-user support and automatically pass over the chat to a live agent who is standing by to assist.

Reporting and Insight

Reporting & Insight

Drive continuous improvement with usage metrics and top trends in the interactions end users have with your bot.

Three Steps to Becoming AI-enabled

1. Implement

Implement Blackboard Chatbot across your entire website or start with utilizing the bot already integrated into Blackboard Learn. Our out-of-the-box content allows your bot to get started with necessary content right away.  

2. Learn

Most chatbots require a lot of heavy lifting with some institutions having to hire additional staff just to maintain their bot—where’s the automation in that? We’ve built our tools and teams to support you without putting a strain on your resources.

Blackboard Chatbot is built to always be learning, and our AI team will train and optimize your chatbot for maximum performance so you’re always providing end-users with accurate information and resources.

As new questions come to the bot, our team of data curation specialists will identify new topics and add them to the bot's brain. We review nearly every interaction with the bot to ensure it’s providing answers directly sourced from the appropriate locations and knowledge repositories.

3. Succeed

Your bot will quickly clear roadblocks in the student experience, expanding your ability to better support students on the path to success. End-users will experience improved wait times and satisfaction while you increase your support capabilities, reduce the cost of live human support models, and scale support during peak times.

Expand Service Capabilities and Increase Engagement with Blackboard Chatbot